Dr. Pierce treats not only the expected spinal injuries a chiropractor treats, but is experienced treating extremities, headaches, TMJ dysfunction and various other injuries using all the tools she has attained throughout her academic career.  Dr. Pierce offers treatment options for various conditions ranging from sciatica, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and other pain conditions and has helped many cope with digestive disorders, anxiety, premenstrual symptoms and more.  


Muscles move bones, therefore it is important to address muscular imbalances in order to effectively address joint pain and dysfunction. Manual pressure is applied to the appropriate muscles and muscle groups to reduce pain, improve function and promote relaxation along with indicated joint mobilization and manipulation.  In addition to myofascial release techniques, Dr. Pierce is also certified as a Graston Technique provider.

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Trigger point needling, acupuncture and eastern medicine

Acupuncture and TCM can help those suffering from back pain, headaches, TMJ dysfunction, menstrual cramps, stress, carpal tunnel syndrome and so much more! Trigger point dry needling helps relieve muscular tension and pain. This safe and effective treatment has helped millions of people without harmful side effects. Alone, or in combination with Chiropractic treatment, your body can heal itself without dangerous drugs or procedures.  

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Our Office in Beautiful Newport Beach, CA. on westcliff & dover drive

Dr. Pierce's chiropractic and acupuncture practice in located in the beautiful city of Newport Beach, CA! We are located at the corner of Dover Drive and Westcliff Drive in Newport Beach.  We are located on the third floor of the Union Bank building at the intersection of the above streets. Conveniently located in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa near 17th Street shopping and dining.  

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Chiropractor and Acupuncturist in Newport Beach, Dr. Tara Pierce provides individualized chiropractic, acupuncture, trigger point dry needing physical and sports therapy for neck and back pain, headaches, jaw pain and extremity injuries overuse or sports related.

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