What is a Chiropractic visit like?

Your first chiropractic session at Dr. Pierce's Newport Beach office will take roughly one hour. During this session the doctor will ask you series of health-related questions regarding your presenting injury as well as any previous pertinent injuries or illnesses you may have had.  Personal and family health history, medications, surgeries and hospitalizations as well as previous care you have had (chiropractic or otherwise) will be discussed.  

After the medical history is collected an examination will be performed.  The physical examination will include basic postural and range of motion assessment as well as indicated orthopedic and neurological testing.  Diagnoses will be determined based on the historical and examination findings on this visit.  If any imaging studies (x-ray or MRI) are required, Dr. Pierce will provide you with a prescription.


Your personalized recommendations will be based on all of the information outlined above.

Subsequent chiropractic visits will usually last between 20-30 minutes based on your unique needs.  Your treatments may include some or all of the following; sports/active release massage, chiropractic adjustments, joint mobilizations, manual traction, therapeutic exercise, Graston Technique, electrical muscle stimulation, heat or cryotherapy and kinesiology taping.  

A lot of patients take advantage of the fact that Dr. Pierce offers both chiropractic and acupuncture services in the same location in Newport Beach on the same day - as she is a dual licensed practitioner. How convenient! (your time is precious!) 

To learn more about acupuncture click here.

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