Dr. Pierce makes it her goal to put your best interest above all.  Your health and well-being comes first, your time is valuable and it will be treated accordingly.  If your case is not one that may be effectively addressed by conservative chiropractic, exercise therapy and/or acupuncture treatment she will refer you to the appropriate physician to handle your care.  Occasionally x-rays or other special imaging procedures will be requested on a case by case basis.  

Once you have made an appointment, a secure link to complete your new patient intake will be emailed to you. Please complete these forms before your scheduled appointment.

Dr. Pierce will ask you a series of question about your current concerns or condition.  It is vitally important that you share all pertinent medical information during this history collection, such as any previous serious injuries or illnesses, fractures, medication use or chronic diseases.

It is also important that you share your goals for treatment.  Are you interested in simply getting out of pain and managing the condition or are you interested in improving your overall health? 

The doctor will then answer any questions you may have regarding the course of your care, your financial obligations and address any other concern you may have.  Risks, benefits and alternatives will also be discussed at this time.  You will then be evaluated. 

Dr. Pierce will perform any appropriate physical, orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic/acupuncture examination procedures and testing to determine your diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.  Your treatment plan will then be discussed and your healing process may then begin! 


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