Heather Farrell, certified massage therapist

About me.....

My passion is helping people improve their quality of life through therapeutic massage. I want to be a part of your healthy and active lifestyle choices. Whether your aches and pains come from daily living, work, athletics or injury, my goal is to get you back to these activities as quickly as possible. I believe we can achieve this through massage therapy by relieving muscle tension, increasing mobility, and flexibility.

Not every body is the same, so my approach is catered to the individual client. I believe in working WITH my clients NOT on them. I am experienced in many techniques and modalities and often combine them in a single session in order to best serve my clients personal needs and goals.

I received my Certification for Massage Therapy in September 2015 after earning my Associate of Science, Sports Rehabilitation Therapy from Fremont College in March of that same year. While attending Fremont College I was afforded the opportunity to work on various types of athletes, professional and retired. Additionally, I volunteered my time and skills at various qualifying events. I would love to work with you in your journey to wellness.


Our Office

1501 Westcliff Drive Suite 200
Newport Beach, CA, 92660

To schedule or for general inquiries about massage call: (714)907-2560

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 Heather Farrell, CMT

Heather Farrell, CMT