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Do You Have "Dead Butt Syndrome"?? It's more common than you think...

You may think of your rear as something that is just "there".  The truth is, however, that your booty is probably the most important group of muscles in your body!  And just because you are active, doesn't necessarily mean that yours is up to par.  Did you know that there are 3 gluteal muscles?  There is the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus and everybody's favorite; Gluteus Maximus. 

If your boo-tay isn't functioning properly, you may be in trouble.  The gluteus medius, specifically, has important function for your gait (the way you walk).  When your gluteus medius is weak or "dead" it ends up taking on loads it is either not fit for, or defers them to other muscles all together, which can lead to pain, altered mobility and function and potential problems at other sites such as your knees. 

So, do you have "Dead Butt Syndrome"???

Hoping February has been an amazing month for you and yours! Can you believe it is almost March?! Things have been going great here at the Irvine office, the gym is taking off and we are having lots of fun. Yours truley has started working out with a GREAT personal trainer, and let me tell you, this chiropractor is feeling the burn!  If you haven't had a chance to come visit your favorite chiropractor at her new Irvine location yet, stop by!  If you are afraid you have dead butt syndrome, we can help with that too!

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