What's the deal with Chia Seeds?

Perhaps you've seen them in pricey bottled beverages at your favorite market.
Chia seeds offer some substantial health benefits.

1. Soluble and insoluble fiber, which slows the rate your body absorbs carbohydrates and reduces blood sugar "spikes".

2. Because of their water holding capacity, the seeds bulk up and help you feel fuller.
3. Fiber also helps things "move along" through your digestive tract, which can help you feel and become more regular.
4. Chia is a rich plant source of heart and brain healthy omega-3.
5. If you feel full and have more energy and fewer slumps throughout the day to work out and stay active while eating less.....you lose weight!

Add Chia seeds to everything. They take on the flavor of whatever you put them with. I personally like adding them to my water!