Does Acupuncture Hurt??

Several acupuncture treatment needles fit into
the opening of a hypodermic syringe
I am asked this question A LOT!  The answer is, generally,
NO.  As you can see from the picture to your right, acupuncture needles are extremely fine.  Some are as fine as a human hair!  Dr. Pierce, who practices acupuncture in her practice in Newport Beach, uses very fine needles that are very smooth and cause minimal discomfort.

How should acupuncture feel?  Actually, feeling a sensation at and around the site where the acupuncture needle has been inserted is a good thing.  This sensation should feel like a fullness, dull numbness or heaviness at the point where the acupuncture needle is placed.

Dr. Pierce provides both acupuncture and chiropractic care for her patients at her Newport Beach office.  She also provides herbal medicine and physiotherapy along with therapeutic exercises to help her patients find quick and lasting pain relief.  Schedule and appointment by calling (949)300-2028 or contact the doctor via email with your questions email Dr. Pierce Here!  (please no solicitors).