Attention Newport Beach: Brush your Teeth, Balance your Tires, Align your Spine!

Take care of your whole body just as you do your teeth and your car!

Female Chiropractor in Newport Beach, Dr. Tara Nikolic, can help you prevent uneven wear on your body's "break pads" AKA your Joints!  When your body is out of balance, your joints pay the price in the long-run.  If you take a moment picture in your mind two flat surfaces in close contact with one another.  Between the hard surfaces lies a soft "buffer" to protect those surfaces from touching and wearing each other down.  Now, imagine that something has caused those two surfaces to push together on one side (picture the buffer between being forced into a wedge type shape).  This continues for weeks, months, years.

What will naturally happen to the squishy buffer and once that has worn down, the two hard surfaces approximating one another?

If the surfaces being referenced are two adjacent body articulations and the buffer between cartilage (think meniscus or intervertebral disc) the answer is ARTHRITIS.

muscle spasm, improper biomechanics and repetitive wear and tear are only a few of the things that can accelerate this process.  Chiropractic, muscle release, therapeutic exercise, a healthy diet, quality supplements and posture support can help you slow this process and have better quality of life with LESS PAIN!

Dr. Nikolic offers gentle Chiropractic care along with the above mentioned supports to get you back on track to a healthier back....or knees, or shoulder, neck etc. :)

For a great chiropractor who truly cares about your health and future well being, stop by Newport Beach by Fashion Island for your appointment this week!  (949)300-2028 to learn more.