Fashion Island, Newport Beach Chiropractor offering posture improving clothing!

You've heard it once, you've heard it a million times; good posture not only makes you feel good and look good, but it can help you function better and even get you more out of your workouts!  

But sometimes it is hard to remember to stay on the up and up.  Many of us sit for many hours of the day and lets face it, by the time you're ready to clock out, your posture went out the window hours before.  How great would it be if you could wear something that would remind you to sit up straight and train your posture without you having to really think about it?

Ready for this?... There is such a miracle shirt! (and a sports bra too)!

The company that manufactures these little beauties is called Intelliskin, and your Newport Beach chiropractor, Dr. Nikolic, can get you yours, sans shipping!

For additional information follow our FACEBOOK icon to visit our page, become a fan and learn more about the Intelliskin line of genius products.  Then, simply make an appointment at the Newport Beach office to get fitted and we will order your shirt and get it to you right away! 

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