Attention: Orange County, Newport Beach, Irvine...Chiropractic can cure your headaches naturally!

Do you suffer with debilitating headaches?  Are you tired of taking pain medications?  Do you know that if you have been using medications for your headaches, they may actually be making them WORSE?  

Doesn't make sense, does it.  Well, have you heard of rebound headaches?

When your body has become accustomed to meds for your headaches all the time, and you miss a dose, or try to reduce your dose your body goes through a type of withdrawl.  (Think of caffeine headaches).  

Some over the counter medications for headache actually contain caffeine (like Excedrin).  

If you are tired of popping pills and want another alternative, you should consider chiropractic.  Your chiropractic doctor can properly diagnose the type of headache you have (migraine, tension, sinus cervicogenic, rebound) for the most appropriate treatment plan.  If you are in Irvine, Orange County, Dr. Nikolic is close by to help you say goodbye to your headaches and potentially even those meds.  

Using Chiropractic adjustment, muscle release and exercise therapy Dr. Nikolic will help you live a more pain free life without the use of drugs.  Call today for an appointment to discover how alternative medicine can help you!