Happy New Year!

Happy Healthy New Year!

Every year it is inevitable. We over-indulge from November through December 31st and tell ourselves the whole time (while stuffing our faces), that starting January 1st things will be different.

How do you plan on accomplishing that?
Goals have to be specific to be successful.

I personally like to make myself accountable by sharing what I plan to accomplish with another person when I set a goal, especially a fitness goal.

One great way to MAKE yourself get your buns in the gym is to sign up for personal training or group training (lovingly referred to as bootcamp).
Yes, there is cost involved, but if you have to spend your hard-earned money, don't you think that will motivate you to get what you paid for?

In my experience, when a trainer is expecting me to be there at 7am, I feel like I have no choice but to get up and drag myself to training if I don't want to get "in trouble".
Trainers don't like when they get stood up! Do you?

If you aren't into that option, try getting a friend to work out with you, that way you can keep eachother going on the days you feel less inspired.

This year, make it happen! Take care of your body! Feed it well, get adjusted, and keep it moving!

'Cause guess what?......Summer's right around the corner ;)

Keep your body tuned up and avoid injury when starting a new exercise program.
Get an exam and treatment here and there and you will be good to go!

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Have a Happy & Safe New Year!