Possible Health Benefits of.....Twerking?

Stay with me folks.  

If we can learn anything from this popular "dance" that has injected itself into our daily conversations in recent history, it's that some people can really move.  Some better than others, but that's not the point of this post.   




Let's talk hip mobility.  Unfortunately for most of us, we spend a great deal of time sitting. The problem with a great deal of sitting is that over time this can lead to weak glutes and short hip flexors.  Another common limitation is reduced internal rotation of the hip joints, which can lead to more problems than you may suspect.


Tight hip flexors and weak glutes.  If the largest gluteal (booty) muscle isn't strong enough to do it's job (mainly hip extension- extending your thigh behind you) effectively, other muscles pick up the slack.  This is one of the factors that leads many down the path to low back pain. Your overworked and tired low back muscles will be more susceptible to injury.  Tight hip flexors decrease the angle between your pelvis/lumbar spine and femur (thigh bone), which again puts a great deal of stress on your low back.  

Lack of healthy internal rotation of your hip joints will lead to other compensations. Lets take the game of golf as an example.  Following through on your drive requires internal rotation of your back leg.  If the hip isn't rotating as it should, the lumbar spine assumes the role.  This places a great deal of torque on the intervertebral discs.  Long term, this can mean accelerated degeneration and pain.   

This is by no means an all-inclusive analysis of all the potential implications of decreased hip mobility, but just a brief introduction to open your minds to the importance of movement.  

The take home message as it pertains to "twerking"?.... Next time you see someone dropping it low and gyrating like a fool, don't be so quick to judge.  They may be the ones living happy and active lives, pain free, due to the free and fancy movements they perform! 

So, how do your hips stack up? Make an appointment for a thorough assessment and treatment so you can learn valuable tools to help you prevent injury and live life with less pain and more fun!