Dr. Tara Pierce, DC, LAc

Dr. Tara Pierce, DC, LAc

What lead me to chiropractic & acupuncture?

Before I was certain of my specific career path, I knew I wanted to help people and was going to work in health care in some capacity.  I wanted to make an impact that spread beyond just me and my immediate vicinity.  I'd considered medicine, physical therapy and even dentistry before setting my sights on chiropractic.

Whenever asked what lead me to pursue a career in chiropractic (and eventually acupuncture), I can't help but remember having the fleeting thought back in ninth grade that "maybe I should be a chiropractor?"  It was as though somehow I just knew.  However, it wasn't until years later in college that I'd had my first exposure to chiropractic. 

During my undergraduate studies as I neared applying for physical therapy school I finally had my first adjustment! Being fortunate enough to have never sustained any serious physical injuries up to that point in my life, I'd never really thought I "needed" chiropractic, but curiosity about the profession never left me. I'd only ever heard great things about chiropractic, and from what I did know, what chiropractors did seemed almost miraculous. I remember my father (who has never been one for hyperbole) stating on more than one occasion that he'd "crawled in" to the chiropractor's office, but would always walk out- that alone had me intrigued.  One day I decided to just stop in and set up a chat with one of the female chiropractors in my area. I wanted to get a woman's perspective on what I had always viewed as a male dominated profession. I'd had the fortunate timing to walk in when the owner of the practice was free and after chatting for a bit she asked me if I myself ever been adjusted. I replied that I hadn't, (much to her surprise) and with my permission she evaluated me and gave me my first chiropractic treatment. I laughed involuntarily at the sounds my joints made as she worked and found the experience overall pleasant, but it wasn't until getting into my car after leaving her office that I realized what she had really done. The dull and persistent aching at the base of my skull that I'd become accustomed to after countless hours studying was GONE. Id had massages, I'd tried ice and heat, but with a just few quick procedures of the hand, this woman had made my headache go away. My intrigue grew from there and after continued positive experiences with this type of care I soon redirected my path. 


Once I'd settled into graduate school and was well on my way to achieving what I'd set out to do, I'd soon discover another love; acupuncture.  It was an encounter with acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine that exceeded my expectations for what conservative medicine could do that solidified my desire to further broaden my education and skill set.  (Having a severe sore throat disappear 5 minutes into having a few small needles strategically placed has a way of piquing one's interest!) Needless to say I was surprised and intrigued and decided I wanted to learn more about this ancient healing art so that I too could share it with others.

A little history 

Dr. Tara Pierce has lived most of her life in sunny, beautiful Orange County. Prior to practicing in Newport Beach as a as doctor of chiropractic and licensed acupuncturist, she attended California State University, Fullerton where earned a bachelor of science degree with a focus in exercise physiology.  She was accepted to and enrolled into Southern California University of Health Sciences' rigorous Doctor of Chiropractic program in 2006.  Dr. Pierce joined the University's Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program shortly before graduating from the University's chiropractic program in order to offer her patients a greater variety of treatment options.

Dr. Pierce treats not only the expected spinal injuries a chiropractor treats, but is experienced treating extremities, headaches, TMJ dysfunction and various other injuries using all the tools she has attained throughout her academic career.  She has been specially trained to provide active and passive myofascial release, Webster Technique (pregnancy chiropractic), Graston Technique, myofascial decompressive cupping, trigger point needling, therapeutic exercise counseling, Kinesiotaping and Diversified adjusting techniques.   

The Pierce Family

The Pierce Family

Holder of a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the prestigious Southern California University of Health Sciences, Tara offers treatment options for various conditions ranging from sciatica, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis and golfer's elbow,  and has helped many cope with digestive disorders, anxiety, premenstrual symptoms and more.  Dr. Pierce uses traditional acupuncture strategies as well as contemporary dry needling techniques for musculoskeletal pain disorders.  Myofascial decompression therapy (cupping) is often incorporated as another adjunctive therapy.  

Dr. Pierce's clinical experience has included working with people of all walks of life, from elite level and professional athletes to moms and dads who work desk jobs to support their families. 

Dr. Tara currently lives in Costa Mesa with her husband, Kevin and puppies Maximus and Emma Jane.  To make an Appointment click here:

Chiropractor and acupuncturist,  Dr. Tara Pierce provides chiropractic, sports therapy and acupuncture services in the city of Newport Beach. Pain relief via Chiropractic, acupuncture, physical rehabilitation and sports therapy in Orange County, serving Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Beach and the surrounding areas.